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Rhino Bros Careerz

If you are looking for a change in your career, why not think about joining a fast growing company that offers you more freedom and fulfilling career path. 

We are looking for: 

1. A self driven and highly motivated person in Sales and Marketing. You will have to deal with clients on face-to-face approach, have experience in Marketing, have knowledge of laboratory, computer literate and able to work independent and productively. Minimum qualification in Marketing in required. Must have driver’s license.

2. A technician with some experience with laboratory machinery / instruments. Minimum engineering or biotech qualifications. Must have driver’s license.  

3. An Application specialist. Experience in laboratory (Must have worked in a lab after school for a minimum of 1 year). Minimum qualification. Must have driver’s license. 

4. Warehouse Specialist. You need experience in warehouse or stores duties. Must have driver’s license. Minimum qualifications.

5. Builder. Experience in interior work, designs or reading designs and plans, must understand scaling and measurements. Experience in glass and aluminum and plumbing will be advantage. We also expert a bit of electrical wiring knowledge. Minimum qualifications required.     

Please forward your: CV and qualifications to and if we do not call you in a week after you send you details, just accept that we either do not have a current vacancy or you were unsuccessful. However, we will keep your details for future considerations. NO NEED TO CALL US. 

Thank you for your interest.