Observer series

For reliable blood sugar level monitoring. 

  • Ideal for doctor and clinics
  • It used strips and give a reading
  • User Friendly Touch screen

For doctors, home visit and clinics

GLU stripes

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Observer series

This instrument runs ISE only. 

Observer series
Semi-Auto Chemistry

C100 plus
Observer series
Full Auto Bench Top Chemistry

Full automated with a sample loading carousel and includes automatic washing station and reusable cuvettes

Automatic Bench top biochemistry analyzer with wash station

Carousel loading

Both ISE and Chemistries

Suitable for small and Medium labs

400 samples per hour

One of the most desired systems.

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Observer Series
Full Auto Floor Chemistry

This system is idea for medium to large volumes. Full automated, floor standing with continuous loading sample handling unit. 

Floor Standing fully automated biochemistry analyzer

Continuous loading


800 samples per hour

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C1200 Model

This system runs 1200 test including ISE and 800 for the cartridge chemistries. It is ideal for high volumes. Fully automated floor standing and available for integration requirements. 

Great instrument offered by Rhino Bros Biotechnogy

Over 1200 samples per hour. 

 It can be integrated with our Immunochemistry analyzer for convenience 

1200 t/h.

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