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Consumables For Conveniency

Disposable Caps

Order No. : R805

Available in blue, pink, grey, green

  • Manufactured from soft non-woven cloth.
  • Specially designed to protect the patient against dropping of hair / dandruff from any medical professional during contact.
  • Provided with stitched interlocking adaptable elastic for better nd comfortable grip on forehead.
  • Sterile and non-sterile disposable available.
  • 10 per pack 

Disposable Masks

 Order No. : R809 & R810

(2-PLY & 3-PLY)

Manufactured from non-woven cloth

  • Double or triple layer mask offering excellent bacterial filtration efficiently.
  • Super smooth ultrasonically welded mask is most comfortable during use.
  • Sterile and Non-sterile
  • Available in ear-loop and tie-on
  • Offered in quantities of 50pcs

Surgical Gowns

Order No. : R848, R806

Made from non-woven fabric


Offered in quantities of 5pcs

Shoe Cover

Order No. : R814

Pairs of 10 pcs


Latex Surgical Gloves

Order No. : R801 / R812 / R870

  • For use in invasive surgery for protection
  • Made from quality natural rubber latex
  • Lighly powdered (R801) with bio-absorbable corn starch  USP garde to prevent granulose.
  • Anatomically shaped for better comfort and micro rough surface for better instrument grip. 
  • Offers superior barrier protection, precise dexterity, tactile sensitivity and flexibility
  • Extensively leached in hot flowing to refuce extractable protein and chemical residues.
  • Powder free (R812 & R870), to eliminated risk associated with powder.
  • Sizes : small, medium, large


Breathing Filter

Order No. : R826

With CO2 port

  • Medical filter is used for ther removal of bacteria from the air breathed in by the patient from the environment through respiratory support equipment. Such filter in the airway between equipment and patient. 
  • Breathing filter utilize hydrophobic membrane and synthetic media that provide barrier and electrostatic filtration bacteria and vital removal efficiency higher than 99,99% accomplished with extremely low resistance to air flow. The HME keeps moisturee retention and warming of inhaled air, filterdesign in different sizes with CO2 monitoring port.
  • Clear housing, low flow resistance, high filtration efficiency, high heat and humidity level, CO2 monitoring, sterile.
  • Design for Adults and Pediatric patients
  • Sterile / Dispposable / Individual Packed
  • Four types available 

Nebulizer Kit

Order No. : R604

It consist of a face mask with a specially designed nebulizer chamber for nebulizing patients.

Nebulizer chamber capacity 5/6/7/cc

Swivel connector for convenience of attachment to the oxygen tube. 

Oxygen Mask

Order No. : R605

Specially designed for convenient oxygen therapy.

High Concentration Mask

Order No. : R817

With Reservior Bag

  • High concentration oxygen mask with tubing to supply oxygen or other gases to an individual for oxygen therapy and the reservior bag prevents rebreathing
  • Made of non-toxic medical grade PVC, 100% latex free
  • 1L reservior bag

Urine Collection Bag

Order No. : R106

With measured volume meter 

  • Volume Meter Capacity : 250ml
  • Capacity: 2000ml
  • Designed for accurate urine measurement during patient examination 
  • Closed circuit to prevent contaminantion
  • Fitted with measured volume meter and has an overflow function
  • Push / Pull buttom for closing or openning

Urine Collection Leg Bag

Order No. : R109

With bottom outlet

Suitable for day and night use during incontinence

Provides freedom of mobility as the bag is attached to the leg of the patient.

Extra ordinary leg strap connectors strategically placed for more comfortable wear.

Provided T-type bottom outlet valve

Capacity: 800ml 

Urine Culture Bottle

Order No. : R832

  • Specially designed for collection of urine samples for culture test.
  • Made from medical grade Polypropylene.
  • Absolute leak proof.
  • Sizes: 30ml & 50ml