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Here are some of the questions that we collected from enquiries and clients. For any enquiry please email: enquiries@rhinobros.co.za

What does Rhibinds mean?

Rhibinds is pronounced same as re-binds, which means "binding again". It is also a scientific verb for antibody/ antigen binding in a compound structure. The name is an acronym for Rhino Bros Industries. Rhibinds also means a healing reaction or growth process. Our Biotechnology business is heart committed to serve the Healthcare, Clinical Diagnostics and Life Sciences markets with reliable service.

Is Rhibinds a professional company?

Yes. We are a South African legally registered company and operate with due diligence to all compliancy international standards. Our passion for healthcare, clinical diagnostic and life science goes without saying. We wake-up everyday with joy looking forward to serve the industry in a bid for advancement of services.

How quick can I receive my products?

It is possible for us to deliver same day for products that are In-Stock, to our existing customers. If you are buying for the first time, we wait for payment to be cleared. If the product is not In-Stock you can wait for 10 days on consumables and reagents. For machines and systems, you need to wait for 21 days to 8 weeks, due to testing and preparations. The entire process or ordering and receiving your product is designed to be smooth and zero inconvenience through our Stock replenish system. The first two orders may not be smooth but we do our best to smoothen your on-boarding with our company. The first and second really depend on your expectation, experience and judgment even though our system modality does not change

How do I contact your company for repairs or service?

Please call our office at +27 12 472 0012 OR mobile at +27 68 243 4504 and for emergency or direct assistance call Managing Director at +27 78 847 1889

Is Rhibinds a BEE company with experience?

Yes. We are black owned company and have professional qualifications in our field of expertise as a team. We have over 12 years experience in the industry. Every system that you buy from us is backed with Technical and Application support of many years.

What are your finance methods.

Firstly, we prefer an outright sale, where you pay full price for reagents and consumables OR 70% deposit for machines and settle 30% after hand over. You can also discuss with us for a PLACEMENT or RENT-TO-BUY options.

What brands to you supply and are they trustworthy?

As a distribution and service company, we do not have a factory. We have partnered with some of the best manufacturers and factories who adheres to best standardized practices for a list of brands such: Rhibinds products, Maccura, Sternmed mainly. We have 10 (ten) brands that we distribute. You can trust us to offer Bio (Life) Excellent System for the price and solution that you require. We take full responsibility on inconveniences by ensuring that we are proactive enough to select the right solution together with you. We have learned alot over the years and we are now ready to meet you as our client with the perfect solution and after sale services.

Do you have 24 hours service?

We respond to every call 24/7 and respond same day/ night in Gauteng, North West, Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces. For the other provinces we can be onsite earliest the next day.

Do you keep spare parts?

Our service department is equip with spare part stores and currently developing to ensure that we can maximize our response time. Our aim is to be able to be on site within 30 minutes to 4 hours at most in all provinces.

Do you offer training?

Yes, we offer training for all our systems for both Operator and Engineering personnel at no extra cost.

Where are you based?

We currently have head office in Pretoria, and a branch in Nelspruit and Durban

Do you supply consumables and reagents?

Yes, our day to day operations are mostly about deliveries of consumables and reagents. We also enjoy trainings and follow up with clients to ensure pro-active future solutions and to further assist clients with optimal use of the equipment. We hardly have repair service visit since our systems are robust and correctly installed.

Who are your customers?

We really do not disclose who our customers are as part of data protection and other compliancy factors. We support mostly small to medium private institutions, the National Health and some of the major private markets. We are continuing to grow and appreciate the business support.

What are your future aspirations?

We are looking forward to strengthen relationships, share profits and advance technology in collaboration with other equally committed and talented individuals, institutions and our partners.

Does Rhibinds Biotechnology supply or offer services within SADC?

Yes, we import/ export within the SADC region whenever we have the opportunity.

How can I contact you for more information?

Email to: enquiries@rhinobros.co.za OR call: +27 12 472-0012 or +27 68 243-4504, we can respond to you enquiries OR setup a meeting

It's the smallest things that matters to us. We contact you ahead of time, so that you are on alert and ready to meet us. We offer timely and prompt updates.

Whenever we make a mistake, we look for a quick and amicable solution that propels business forward without affecting quality of results.

We are here because we believe you have a reason for doing what you do. We really are privileged to offer our services to you.

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